Go to a building’s terrace and just look out. You will probably see more terraces. During day time the terraces heat up and during the evenings, radiate the heat back to the surroundings. This is the heat island effect which is prevalent in urban setups. The heat radiated is infra-red wavelength and can penetrate human body. This is one of the reason why we feel tired in the evenings if we do not have green surroundings.

Investing in a terrace garden has multiple benefits. It not only helps in utilizing the terrace space for growing plants (ornamental, medicinal, leafy greens, vegetables & fruiting trees), it helps in reducing the temperature within the house. This means lesser electricity consumption when compared to open terrace.

Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (IIHR) which is a premier research institute based out of Bengaluru, India has setup model terrace gardening & farming facility and is open to public to witness the benefits of the same first hand. The terrace garden mostly uses soilless grow media and ARKA SPR as the plant nutrition solution. Check out our “Grow Gallery” to see the kind of crops that IIHR has grown on terrace.

Terrace garden can also be used to grow medicinal & ornamental plants. The list of medicinal plants that can be grown on a terrace is available on IIHR’s website. The ornamental plants or house plants as it is referred to commonly can be kept within the house for a week and then kept back at the terrace for a week. This way the house plants get sufficient sunlight and will grow well.

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