Pictures speak a thousand words. Well, the above image clearly shows the left side grow bag has much better growth than the right side grow bag. If you can zoom the image, you will see in the left side grow bag, small pieces of clay and shells. These natural materials are used to increase the water drainage capacity of cocopeat.

Only using cocopeat has many issues. Cocopeat absorbs 4 times its weight in water. What this means is that water is always present at the root zone of the plants and this is not good for the plants. The roots in constant contact with water develops root rot and plant dies. So the soilless grow media has to be balanced for water holding capacity. The ready to use grow mix block supplied by us has balanced water holding capacity and proves air-water balance to the root zone. Hence better growth of plants.

You dont have to take our word for this. You can visit IIHR’s terrace garden and see the results yourself.

If you have any queries on this subject, feel free to write to us. We will be happy to respond.